Taylor Swift Drops ANOTHER Snake Teaser & Is Her New Song Coming Friday?


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Taylor Swift posts a second snake video to her social media accounts, giving us a closer look at the body of it, plus is she dropping new music Friday?--get all the details right here!
Taylor clearly LOVES teasing us, because instead of dropping her new album yesterday or today like we’d hoped, she’s making us wait just a liiiittle bit longer…
Taylor posted her second snake slash dragon tail slash whatever reptilian being you think it is video to social media today, and naturally it’s got all of her fans freaking out about it. The short video is very similar to the one she posted yesterday, except this one is showing us a little more color, texture, and body of the creature.
At this point, we gotta assume we’re gonna get a closer and closer look at the snake until Taylor finally drops her new single--or her whole 6th album--later this week. And in true genius Taylor fashion, we have a feeling that there might be more to this this “snake” than meets the eye.
So when exactly ARE we getting new music from Taylor? According to multiple sources to Us Weekly, Tay will be dropping a new single THIS FRIDAY, with one source calling the song QUOTE, “Poppy”, and another adding QUOTE, “She's being very secretive about it, but it's going to be a really good one”. Previous rumors have indicated that the song will be called “Timeless”, but right now Taylor is keeping SO tight lipped that we can’t confirm that, or really anything else about it. We’re just really hoping this new music Friday rumor is true, and preparing to get zero sleep on Thursday night.
In the midst of all the rumors and speculation, hundreds of Taylor’s fans are being absolutely RELENTLESS in trying to find clues about the new single and album on social media, with many combing music video director Joseph Kahn’s tweets for any hints.
Yesterday he wrote a seemingly unrelated post about Game of Thrones, and fans flocked to comment on the tweet, asking if Taylor’s new song or music video had some kind of Game of Thrones theme. That definitely sounds like a stretch to us, but Tay’s fans are so thirsty right now they’ll look for meaning in ANYTHING she, Joseph, or her other squad members post. And we can’t really blame them, because let’s be real--it’s pretty fun to play Sherlock Holmes with one of the world’s biggest pop stars.
Alright guys now I gotta know how YOU’RE feeling about all this craziness--which rumors do you believe, and what are you expecting from Tay’s new album? Sound off in the comments below, and then click right here to check out the rumor that Taylor and Katy Perry are planning to perform a duet at the VMAs together! Thanks so much for hanging with me on News Feed, I’m your host Naz Perez, and I’ll see you next time!
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